JAde and Lara

Thank-you for going to outstanding lengths to make me feel very comfortable in my new rental home. Sharon the cleaner turned up on time and was very professional and friendly. She asked for the order of preference and knew exactly what to do and jumped in and did it. Sharon was so fast and efficient and cleaned nonstop. The home looks incredible and will be lovingly taken care of as if it was my own. I'm also very appreciative to the owner who left the house furnished which has helped me out tremendously. Once again a big thank-you to all involved.

Natasha - Tenant

I gave them very short notice that I was moving away to work in a remote area and needed to rent my home. The girls quickly found a suitable tenant. Whilst away they touch base as necessary and take care of any maintenance or queries regarding my property. When maintenance has been required they have sourced quotes and made the appropriate arrangements. All rental statements and payments to date have been received on time, I can confidently leave all aspects of managing my property in their capable hands. They are professional and courteous, and I highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to rent out a property.

Jacqui - Landlord

What an amazing experience it has been working with Jade and Teesh from Countryside Noosa. They have not only made the process of managing our property and tenants easy, but they continue to exceed expectations and go the extra mile to make the experience as seamless as possible, for us as property owners AND out tenants. To highly recommend this service would be an understatement! Thank-you so much team!

Anthony - Owner