Countryside Realty Noosa Agent Profile – Meet Kimberlea Krause

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We’re proud of all our agents at Countryside Realty Noosa. So we thought why not bring them more into focus, to introduce you to them. In case you want to reach out and say ‘hello’, it’s always nice to know about the person who answers and how their level of expertise will help you sell, buy or lease your property. So, with that in mind let us introduce to you, our sales manager, team player, property aficionado and all-around superstar agent, Kimberlea Krause.

A Prestigious Career 

With an impressive track record of overseeing more than 300 property sales, Kimberlea stands out as an unrivalled expert in the real estate industry. Her exceptional skills and dedication have not gone unnoticed, earning her widespread acclaim as one of the REIQ’s top 10 young professionals in the state. Additionally, Kimberlea’s remarkable achievements have garnered national recognition, winning her the coveted Sales Campaign of the Year category (Australian Real Estate Business Awards).

Kim’s commitment to the team at Countryside Realty also contributed to our finalist position in the Australian Real Estate Business Awards for sales agency of the year and more accolades are on the way (we’ll keep you posted 🙂 ).

Kimberlea Krause’s decision to pursue a career in real estate was fueled by her dual passion for people and property. After successfully buying, renovating, and selling her first home at a young age, she realised that real estate was her true calling. Despite enjoying a previous career in business management, it was the opportunity to combine her love for property with her business skills that ignited her passion for helping people during significant life transitions.

“I chose real estate because I have a passion for people and a passion for property. I purchased my first home when I was 21, renovated and sold it, and I knew real estate was my calling. I had worked for 6 years in business management prior and I loved that too but it didn’t light my spark. I used my business management skills and combined them with my love of property to help people to move through a huge transition in their lives. I take being trusted with someone’s biggest asset very seriously, it is a privilege to be involved in such an important time in their lives.” 

Kimberlea’s impressive commitment and successes are mirrored in the feedback she gets. Kimberlea has a 5-star rating across from over 50 reviews. You can read them all here – we’ve also included some more recent feedback.

“Kim worked tirelessly on what turned out to be a very successful but also very difficult sale ( for reasons beyond her control) . Kim’s communication was 10/10. She always called with an update regardless of the time of day or weekend. I felt that she always had time for us and as a customer, that meant a great deal. Kim and her team at Countryside Realty really made a difference in both buying and selling our property. We absolutely recommend Kim if you are considering buying or selling.” – Testimonial from Seller. 

“From our first enquiry about our property to after-sales follow-up, Kim has gone above and beyond! Her genuine, friendly nature ensured we were in good hands from the start and no enquiry was too big or too small and always resolved promptly. She is hardworking and passionate about people and their homes and we would highly recommend Kim to sell and/or purchase a property – she is an asset to Countryside Realty Noosa.” – Testimonial from a buyer 

What Kimberlea loves about the Noosa Hinterland Region 

Kimberlea’s track record as an agent is impressive in its own right and that level of proficiency is something you can expect from Countryside Realty Noosa. But it also helps that our agents love the area that they represent. We got a few extra moments with Kimberlea to dive into what exactly it is about the region that she and her family love.

Within 20 minutes of the Noosa Hinterland, you go from green, rolling country hills to world-class beaches. You’re surrounded by stunning country towns each with their own community and feel. It’s no wonder that Kimberlea fell in love with the Noosa Hinterland. 

“I love the Noosa Hinterland for its gorgeous country location and vibrant friendly community. There are so many beautiful areas to be discovered, hidden pockets, rolling hillsides, trendy cafes, restaurants and shops, and you’re only 20 minutes to some of the world’s best beaches.” 

Kimberlea also cherishes spending Sundays as a family exploring the Noosa Hinterland. An advocate for the excellent fooderies, the Pomona Mountain (Mt Cooroora) climb as well parks and much more. 

“We love spending Sunday as a family visiting all of the local fooderies – there are so many great breweries and restaurants in the Hinterland like the Distillery in Pomona, The Pomona Kitchen and Your Mates Brewery in Cooroy.” 

“The Pomona Mountain Climb is another favourite, there is a reason the annual race is called King of the Mountain, it certainly is an achievement when you get to the top. The Pomona Mountain Climb is another favourite, there is a reason the annual race is called King of the Mountain, it certainly is an achievement when you get to the top.”

Kimberlea and Elliot’s daughter love the region as well. Knowing that her two favourite parks are in the area and of course, the ever-popular Eumundi Markets are just around the corner. 

Cementing the region’s reputation as a perfect place for families and an escape to the country.

“The Noosa Hinterland Playground in Cooroy and the Eumundi Playground are two of our daughter’s favourite parks as well.”

“Eumundi Markets are a must, they have the best stalls, local produce, amazing creators of exceptional nick nacks and art, and is a lovely spot to spend the morning.”

As one of the longest-standing agencies in Cooroy, we have cemented our position as the go-to real estate office in the Noosa Hinterland region. Of course, it’s all made possible by our fantastic agents. A talented bunch of professionals who routinely go above and beyond to ensure that our clients experience the Countryside Realty difference. An unparalleled experience of; exceptional service, diligent care, and unrivalled regional knowledge alongside the plethora of little things that add up to create one seamless, hassle-free experience. 

Live in the Noosa Hinterland and thinking of selling or interested in buying in our stunning region? 

Reach out to Kimberlea today!

Phone: 0431 297 848


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