Reasons to move to a Noosa Hinterland property.

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The Noosa Hinterland needs no introduction: Glorious country fields, mountains dotted with rainforest, winding country roads and views to swoon over. Our villages are home to artisans, farmers, foodies and characters from all walks of life enjoying a beautiful place to live. Stunning surroundings, abundant nature and close to a plethora of conveniences make it super liveable. Stretching from Doonan to Eumundi, and north through the townships of Kin Kin, Pomona, Cooran and Cooroy- The Noosa Hinterland makes for an enviable home.

With an average increase of 1% per annum in population over the last five years only slightly below the state average, we thought we’d look closer at what exactly makes the Noosa Hinterland such a great place to live. Here are just some of the reasons why we love it and know you will too.

Small towns big love

The last three years have encouraged a steady migration away from ‘Big City’ living.  

In an article by ABC, they attribute the ability to work from home and the capital city housing prices as factors behind the migration.

“As well as a desire for a working-from-home sea change, the cost of housing in Sydney and Melbourne is potentially also a factor behind why people are leaving the big cities for the regions.”

Combining the desirable lifestyle of country living with close-knit communities and conveniences of all sorts: Shopping, close to a capital, airports, restaurants, dining and cafe culture. Essentially, our small towns are far enough away from the ‘big smoke’ to enjoy an easier pace of life while still being close enough to not sacrifice any of the luxuries. 

Looking back at the last few years you can hardly be blamed for wanting to escape city life. For many, the Sunshine Coast ‘feels right’ as a destination to live and be in. In a previous article, we touched on how the Sunshine Coast has several towns that satisfy those looking for a ‘tree’ or ‘sea’ change. You can read it – here.

Adventures of every kind – National parks, the Everglades, biking and more.

Noosa Hinterland has an abundance of wilderness of every sort. Whether you’re into slow walks through gardens, overnight camping or adventure sports. When living here the outdoors calls you and you find yourself among it at every opportunity. Here are some of our favourites.

Noosa Botanical Gardens

The peaceful gardens nestled against the shores of Lake MacDonald. Approximately 20 minutes from Noosa heads in our own little town of Cooroy. Find the amphitheatre overlooking the lake and enjoy a picnic.  

Noosa Everglades

The Noosa Everglades are a wilderness of crystal clear waters and ancient tea tree forests. Best taken in by canoe with camping an option for the more adventurous. Part of the biosphere and one of only two everglades systems on earth. A must experience for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

National Parks, Trails and More

Noosa national park – is breathtaking. Stroll from Hastings st all the way to Sunshine beach as you take in a plethora of bays teeming with marine life and some of the most iconic views of the Sunshine Coast.

For those more into mountains, head to Mount Tinbeerwah – an easy hike of around 265m elevation and be rewarded with stunning views of the countryside and Noosa. Or, if you’re looking for something more challenging? Mt Cooroora provides hikers with a moderate to challenging climb but the rewards are very worth it. Once you’re done why not take in Pomona and maybe sneak in for a cold drink at the Pomona Hotel – you deserve it.

Tewantin National Park is the go-to place for mountain bikers and trail riders. But the park offers so much more. The park consists of subtropical rainforests, eucalypt forests, old volcanoes and swamps that are home to a variety of fauna and flora. Perfect for bird watching through to rock climbing. 

It’s a Foodies Haven – Restaurants and breweries

Noosa and the Hinterland play host to a fantastic number of restaurants catering to all tastes. From the kaleidoscope of flavours of modern Asian cuisine to Italian, French and some of the best Australiana meals Noosa and the Noosa Hinterland wants for nothing when it comes to flavour. 

Noosa and Hinterland Breweries rank among the best. Land & Sea Brewery, Heads of Noosa, CopperHead Brewery, Fortune Distillery and Boiling Pot to name a few. 

If you’re looking to sample some of the best food our region produces head to Noosa Farmers Market and take a stroll around. The friendly locals are waiting and we know you’ll leave a little fuller. But if markets are your thing you’re in luck! We play host to many markets; Pomona Country Markets, Peregian Beach markets and of course the Original Eumundi Markets. Go ahead, take a stroll, meet the community and support a local. 

A lot is going on in our little slice of paradise and you’re welcome to join in and be a part of it. The Noosa Hinterland covers a broad space and several towns. If you can see life here reach out to us at Countryside Realty Noosa, we’d love to make you feel at home.

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